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The app on my iPhone does not even have the option to scan the toys. There are games but does not show the 'scan a toy' that others seem to have. Completely useless.

Guh. Not surw why I keep coming to McDonalds. Something always goes wrong. Took forever to download the app and now there is no option to scan the toy. For a multibillion dollar company you would think they could hire some techs that ensure their apps work...

Uselles. I give 0 star. App is not working. Can not scan toy on my phone and ipod. Very disappointed. Will go to Burger King unstead . Dont need another frustration. Bad , bad, bad.....

Useless update

I finally got around to the latest update of this game. I regret it. It deletes all your games you had, now requires data constantly, and besides "happy ball" it wont play any games. We tried scanning the toys, it just has a check mark, but no game. Whoever designed this last update should be let go. Used to be the best app for my kids, with no adds, and I could turn the data off. Now Im super annoyed by it because I sit there for a half hour trying to make it work every time my daughter wants to play. Its crap. Until the next update, pure rancid crap. Not worth it. Im actually mad about it.

Cannot scan toy on iPhone.

I cannot scan a toy on my iPhone. Making it very frustrating for my daughter when we are on the go. The screen is completely white and will not scan. Will only scan on the iPad. Going to delete the app and try once more.

What kind of trickery!

No matter what you do you CANNOT scan these toys! It might help if the outline was at least the same as the toy! Hey scan this:

Dont waste your time

You cannot scan these toys in. They are not the same size and do not have any markings to line up. Frustrating for parents and super disappointing for the kids. Lame X 5 stars

Doesnt scan toys

This app is so buggy. Ive only ever been able to scan two of the toys. I have two kids here waiting to have their sky landers scanned, and nothing I do works. Very disappointed.

Fix it!!

Fix the damn app, it hasnt works in weeks. Nothing scans,


There is a scanner but it doesnt work

Poorly done

I recommend that no people should buy this app

Worst then musically

This game is so bad I gave it to my grandmother and she couldnt even play it how bad is it when 100-year-old woman cannot play your game that says a lot McDonalds and then I gave it to my six-year-old cousin and she couldnt even figure it out she didnt like that there is only one game at the start.

Never works

I recommend trying a bar code to scan instead cause this never works !!

Way to tease kids mcdonalds !

You offer this mcplay scan to unlock games . Well your scanner is pathetic wont scan dog now i have a upset 9 yr old gurl and a frustrated father . Why offer something that doesnt work , kids get excited n then upset when wont scan , good job mcdonalds. Keep on TEASING little kids ! DO NOT DOWNLOAD APP SAVE YOURSELF THE FRUSTRATION AND GO EAT AT BURGER KING OR WENDYS .


This app is crap. Poorly done and annoying to try to navigate. Rarely scans properly, if at all.

Terrible doesnt work

The scan doesnt work. Would rate 0 stars if I could

No stars

I cant even scan the chemichongas ahhhhhhhh

Scanner doesnt work

Out of 10 toys I got 1 to scan and now my daughter is upset that she can only play one game the ball game to get coins is too difficult that I had to play for her as well bar code or number code to unlock would be better.

Much improved - scanner functioned well

Originally downloaded this app almost a year ago and it was a disaster - scanner wouldnt work, unhappy child, deleted the app within minutes. This week my child got a couple of the pets toys, saw the mcplay advertisement on the tag and begged me to download the app. Reluctantly I did, explaining to him that the app didnt work before and probably still wouldnt. I was pleasantly surprised when the scanner worked very easily and he had fun with the games it unlocked. If I have any frustration its that a toy only unlocks one game, so a child needs multiple toys (i.e. multiple happy meals) to unlock additional games. Aside from this the app functions well and is free so worth a go.


This app sucks because of there is not much, & this app was made by a cruel restaurant and I think nobody should be lovin it!!!

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