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Uselles. I give 0 star. App is not working. Can not scan toy on my phone and ipod. Very disappointed. Will go to Burger King unstead . Dont need another frustration. Bad , bad, bad.....

Dumb. Slow. Waste of time.

No thanks.

McPlay to unlock game

Doesnt work

This is a total waste of time >:(

So I got the app and dosent even let me enter the app>:(. DO NOT DOWNLOAD TOTAL WASTE OF TIME

Triggered sm smh

Crashes repeatedly, every time I finally reach level five to unlock a game without a toy.(Seems like they rlly dont want you to play their games without purchasing their toy$)

I dont like it!

I couldnt even get in the game!

My scanner works

I love this app my daughter is eight and she loves it so much and I can always relax with my daughter and play

Scanner doesnt work :(

Two of the three games are locked up because the scanner cant read the toy... The dimensions arent the same as the guide-outline in the app, so Im assuming it will never work. What a waste of time.


Couldnt figure out how to scan. The directions of "how to scan" were no help because there wasnt a button to actually "take" the photo. Curious why there hasnt been a comment or fix from the creator to answer this question seeing as it doesnt seem to work for anyone!

Would be better...

Can only scan one toy? Scanned one sweetheart toy via the tutorial screen, then any time I try to scan more it doesnt even give me the option. The games are cute but itd be nice to be able to get more/be able to scan the rest of the toys you have.

Never scans

The app doesnt scan at all. My girls have toys available on the app yet we can never get it to scan.


It made me want to McKill myself

Buggy trash

Dont waste your time. I tried the app so I could scan my kids happy meal toy and supposedly unlock a game. The scan button is buried deep inside a whole bunch of advertising junk, first of all. Then, when I did finally find the scan button, all that the scan button did was unlock more nonsense junk. Just pure trash. Still no "game". But, still, I wanted to find something good about this "app" and so I tried again. This time around the "scan a toy" button had completely disappeared.



Cant scan toy

My just got a Pokémon toy from mcdonalds and I cant scan it because you dont have it on the app. Yet the toy came with instructions to download the mcplay app and to scan the toy. Im pretty pisses right now.


This is good for kids, but not better than the game they had online in 2010

McPlay App

My grandson had a good time on the game but we couldnt find one for the ninja turtle he just got in his happy meal. Needs to be a little bit easier access for the grown-up.

Good but... should make some improvements. I just got this game and I have many toys but almost all of them are not in the app (I only scanned one of them) so you should make an update where... -You can scan any toy by pressing a scan toy button in the menu. -You can find all of the games you have in one page for as long as you have the game. P.S. ...I mean all of the games P.P.S ...I want to see it by Friday morning

So frustrating!

This is the least user friendly app Ive ever used. Have yet to figure out how to scan the stupid toy


This is the legit doorstep game in the world I went in to my kids room at 12 oclock in the morning and he was playing that game

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