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McPlay™ app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 8272 ratings )
Games Book Family Puzzle Entertainment Educational
Developer: McDonalds Corporation
Current version: 5.2.0, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 30 Apr 2013
App size: 381.89 Mb

Say hello to McPlay™ from McDonald’s. It’s packed full of fun games and creative activities for your family to enjoy together.

From building incredible machines to composing music, we believe kids learn best when they engage their imaginations. Anything is possible as you solve all kinds of mini challenges in McPlay™. We update our games whenever new characters visit Happy Meal – so there’s always something new to look forward to.


Toy scan
Kids can scan their Happy Meal toy for new surprising ways to play with their favorite characters visiting the Happy Meal.

Be an Inventor
Kids are encouraged to make experiments and watch their inventions go off with a surprise. By fixing together the parts and testing the results, kids put their logic and problem-solving skills to work in a fun and exciting way.

Be an Artist
Kids join their favorite Happy Meal characters as they learn the techniques to help get them thinking like a real artist. Drawing and painting with different tools and materials helps them express their creativity.

Be a Musician
Match the musical patterns to learn brand new sounds and rhythms along the way. It’s fun to dance to the beat but it’s even more fun when kids get to compose songs.

Be an Entertainer
Step into the spotlight and explore the art of performance. Playing on a team or going solo, kids get to develop their confidence and express their feelings by starring in their own movie.

Be a Hero
This is a fun new game that encourages the whole family to play together. By completing mini challenges, you get to move, turn, and twist the device to direct and guide the game play


McPlay™ is built on role-play games and activities that help kids develop useful new skills. We believe that kids learn best when we engage their imaginations in social play. So we help them think in innovative ways to feed their curiosity, spark their creativity – and inspire them to create new things that they can be proud of.

Good to know
• No in-app purchases
• No third-party advertising
• Updated regularly with new games and characters

Pros and cons of McPlay™ app for iPhone and iPad

McPlay™ app good for

Originally downloaded this app almost a year ago and it was a disaster - scanner wouldnt work, unhappy child, deleted the app within minutes. This week my child got a couple of the pets toys, saw the mcplay advertisement on the tag and begged me to download the app. Reluctantly I did, explaining to him that the app didnt work before and probably still wouldnt. I was pleasantly surprised when the scanner worked very easily and he had fun with the games it unlocked. If I have any frustration its that a toy only unlocks one game, so a child needs multiple toys (i.e. multiple happy meals) to unlock additional games. Aside from this the app functions well and is free so worth a go.
All you do is go to the option see games and there is an icon in the top right corner to scan trolls and then click on the game you want to unlock. Works great!
This is the legit doorstep game in the world I went in to my kids room at 12 oclock in the morning and he was playing that game
This is good for kids, but not better than the game they had online in 2010
I love this app my daughter is eight and she loves it so much and I can always relax with my daughter and play

Some bad moments

Crash and burn after update. Prior version worked fine. Update r then required. Crashes every time. Don’t waste your time ver 6.2.1
Mine used to scan, and I thought I did something wrong but now after reading all the reviews I realize must’ve got an update and now I can no longer even have an option to scan
The app on my iPhone does not even have the option to scan the toys. There are games but does not show the 'scan a toy' that others seem to have. Completely useless.
Guh. Not surw why I keep coming to McDonalds. Something always goes wrong. Took forever to download the app and now there is no option to scan the toy. For a multibillion dollar company you would think they could hire some techs that ensure their apps work...
Uselles. I give 0 star. App is not working. Can not scan toy on my phone and ipod. Very disappointed. Will go to Burger King unstead . Dont need another frustration. Bad , bad, bad.....
I finally got around to the latest update of this game. I regret it. It deletes all your games you had, now requires data constantly, and besides "happy ball" it wont play any games. We tried scanning the toys, it just has a check mark, but no game. Whoever designed this last update should be let go. Used to be the best app for my kids, with no adds, and I could turn the data off. Now Im super annoyed by it because I sit there for a half hour trying to make it work every time my daughter wants to play. Its crap. Until the next update, pure rancid crap. Not worth it. Im actually mad about it.

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